Hi. I'm Jen...

An internationally experienced and fully qualified Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor.

I have been working in Oman in the Middle East as a Fitness & Wellbeing Specialist for members of the royal family and other high profile clients. I moved home to NZ to be closer to my family so I wouldn’t miss out on my nieces and nephew growing up!  Whilst I do the occasional short trip back to Oman, I am now based at Body Form, 54 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby and am available for mobile yoga sessions.

- Australian Institute of Fitness – Master Personal Trainer (Certificate iii & iv in Fitness)
- IYTA Yoga Diploma
- REPS registered fitness professional
- IYTA (International Yoga teachers association) membership

- TRX training
- Functional strength and core conditioning/ fitness
- Hatha Flow Yoga
- Yoga Nidra (guided meditative practice for deep relaxation and healing)
- Yoga Breathing techniques
- Guided Meditation
- Corporate Wellness


Covering personal training along with Yoga practices, I have created a successful corporate wellness program. It takes care of your employees physical and mental wellbeing by educating your employees on how to take care of the physical body, and learn how to relax and calm the mind. All of this is done through simple non confronting movements and mindfulness practices.

Feel free to email me to explore this further.


How, Where, How Much?

What is your method to successful training?
I like to enable my clients with the confidence to continue the lifestyle changes they learn without me around. The method on how to get there is done through anaerobic strength and core conditioning - creating flexibility and strength in the body as well as sustainable fat loss. Pranayama breathing techniques, Meditation and one on one Yoga to help release tension in the body. Clients are provided with information on how to achieve a healthier relationship with food and how to become a stronger, fitter and most importantly happier version of yourself.
How often should I train?
That is up to you, obviously training once or twice a week is great, but I work around what is possible for the client.
How much is it?
Personal training $110
Mobile Personal training/Private Yoga $160
Online Membership $195

Membership - includes discounted regular Personal Training and or Yoga along with program writing. Weekly payment arranged per individuals requirements.

What people are saying...

“Jens’ bubbly humorous and encouraging personality makes her the best trainer I’ve had. With her creative workouts, she made exercise fun.  My muscular strength and fitness stamina significantly improved and lead me to lose 20kgs! I enjoyed the boxing and TRX training the most. Jen is a very committed trainer and her absence will be deeply felt”
 - His Highness Sayyid Rawy Bin Qais Bin Tariq Al Said

"The thing that impressed me most was Jen's knowledge in both physical training and the human anatomy. This is critical in both the methodology of training for the client as well as the education. I have learned through experience that the coaching and execution of good technique is critical to a healthy and functional body. I found her appetite to learn and stay in touch with new techniques in this industry to be of a high priority. This was reflected by the support she received from all her clients who commented on the different, challenging sessions she developed on a regular basis.
 - George Gregan (Australian Rugby Captain 2004 - 2007)

"I had tried numerous fitness centers, personal trainers and gym classes. Unfortunately none of them had been able to give the results I was after. I had lost interest in the gym and after incurring a knee injury from a trainer gave up training for 6 months. Fortunately I met Jen and began training with her. Over the last 3 years I gained a level of fitness that I had never had before. My body is more toned and I am stronger than I have ever been, which has helped me improve my quality of life tremendously. I enjoyed all of the different types of exercises Jen introduced me to, particularly the boxing, TRX and kettle bells. Jen has been extremely motivating for me and has pushed me to work to my potential without risking injuries. Jen is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and I have learned a lot from her about eating right and maintaining my fitness even when she is not available."
- Mrs Radhika Khimji

Jen is an outstanding personal trainer with incredible energy. Workouts with Jen are always enjoyable and she definitely pushes you to get the best results. She keeps you focussed and on track, making the most out of the time she has with you. Being able to do half the amount of exercise while seeing better results, has been nothing short of amazing. She is incredible at helping target key areas to create the body you're after. I love training with Jen and I'd highly recommend her to anyone wanting to get more from the time they have.
- Tania McRae

How I Helped A Prince Lose 25kg
- NZ Womans Weekly

Body & Balance
- NZ Herald / Viva Magazine


The answers to some questions you may have...

How long is each session?
Sessions usually last an hour but can vary from 30 minutes to an hour depending on your time, program and level.

How much is each session?
$110 for personal training, $160 for private mobile Yoga, and $195 for online annual membership.

I believe in helping people find their own life balance that achieves the changes they want to see and feel in their body, without overly compromising the life they enjoy. I can recommend an excellent team of nutritionists that work on a number of needs, but can also offer some advice on how to get there.

Where do you do the training?
One on One Personal Training is at Body Form, 54 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby. Mobile Yoga training is also available.

What is the best way to contact you about training?
Call me on +64 21 179 0029 or use the form here...

Yoga Nidra is a meditative practice for deep relaxation and healing. There are no physical movements, all you need to do is lie down and listen. Yoga Nidra helps greatly with educating yourself how to relax, this will make sleep easier as well as help with a calmer mind. Yoga Nidra lowers your cortisol levels (stress hormone) which helps your body and mind heal and repair.

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